Money Making Methods

You just loaded into our server, although you are not completely sure what you should do first! Below is a detailed guide to how to make money and have a chance at that island top prize!

Making Money Guide

Pro Tip: Alway take advantage of the servers smaller features such as envoys and chat games, all forms of money in the long run help!
Below is a short list of methods to generate money on our server. 1. Generate some side income by doing things such as the battlepass, warzone mining, chat games, expshop, auction house and just generally any of the servers other smaller features. 2. Buy some schembuckets from /shop in the farming category and make a farm of each type that you can from /croplevels. Use your harvester hoe on auto sell ( shift right click ) to start generating income. 3. Work on your armor set and fight pve mobs in the warp zone and the bosses & mini bosses. 4. Participate in farming competitions, mini game events, and bosses to gain fragments to purchase spawners! Or buy iron golem spawners from /shop for money. 5. Refine your farm to make sure your farmers make the most money and generate money while you are away from keyboard, although you will require a alt on your island.