Server Events

We have alot of events that happen on our server these can be viewed in /events

King of the hill

Every 6 hours a king of the hill event begins in the warzone warp, check when the next one is with /events

Farming competitions

Farming competitions occur every 15m and last for 2m and 30s, a random crop is chosen each time and the person with the most harvested at the end will win! To use a competition starter use /competition starter start.

Capture the flag

This event happens in the warzone every 3 hours, break the block 25 times to win the event and get crazy rewards.


Supply drops fall in the warzone every hour and have good rewards.


Every hour over 7 bosses spawn which drop overpowered rewards in /warp zones and /warp warzone.

Mini Games

Every 1h and 30m a random mini game occurs with the reward being fragments!